Miracle panel repair

Miracle Panel Repair

What is the Powertec Miracle System?

At Delete-a-Dent our aim is to provide our customers with the best service ensuring complete customer satisfaction.

We aim to repair rather than replace panels, and we are the only repairer in the area to have invested in this state of the art repair tool which enables us to repair an otherwise impossible vehicle damage using conventional methods.

Using the Powertec Miracle System reduces the need for panel replacement, speeds up the repair process and turns the repair around more quickly, allows us to commence repairs immediately without the need to wait for panels that may be on back order or even unobtainable.

The Powertec Miracle System is much less intrusive, there is much less need to strip panels, many of the vans we work on contain racking and tools that under usual methods would require removing, only by using the “Miracle Tool” can we carry out repairs without having to fully strip the area being worked on, saving both time and money.

It reduces our carbon footprint enabling us all to do “our bit” for the environment, by utilising the most efficient techniques that use less products and in effect saving the need producing a replacement part.

Using the Powertec Miracle System does not affect the integrity of the vehicle or more importantly, the manufacturer’s warranty as no manufacturer’s seams or welds are broken.

Downtime is minimised, meaning you get your vehicle back sooner, thus saving the cost of a replacement vehicle and prolonged repair periods, for business users this process has much less impact on your business.

Whilst occasionally a new panel will be the only option, this “miracle system” enables us to repair vehicles most other body shops cannot!