Paintless dent removal

dent removal using filler less repair system

What is Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)?

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR) is a method which involves repairing dents in a car’s bodywork by reshaping the panel without the need to fill or paint over the damage.

If you find a dent or crease in your vehicle’s bodywork there’s no need to panic, here at Delete-a-Dent Ltd our experienced technicians can remove them in our fully equipped Bodyshop, using paintless dent removal techniques. This unique process retains your original factory finish without the need for a costly body shop repair.

Paintless dent repair can work on dents of any size, even minor dents picked up from road debris, stones, hail, car parks even shopping trolleys, anything that can cause dents to a car’s bodywork such as doors, wings, bonnets and roof, where the paint is not broken.

PDR is a repair method used by our highly professional dent technicians to remove small dents in a car’s bodywork and restore it to its original shape whilst maintaining the manufacturer standards. There’s no need to worry about paint match either, as your car’s bodywork remains unaltered.

A popular choice amongst our customers, paintless dent removal is highly recommended vehicle repair, this smart repair not only helps to retain the original shape and colour of your body panels during the process but it can also work out to be more cost-effective in many ways saving you both money, time and maintaining the value of your vehicle.

Traditional repair methods for a dent repair would involve replacing the whole panel, this can be costly, however, using this popular body repair involves the dented metal being pushed out. This state of the art Bodyshop repair method requires a skilled technician gaining access to the rear of the dent, using specialized tools to manipulate the dent, gently massaging it away. This quick, effective technique can only be used as long as the vehicle’s paintwork is still intact.

Delete-a-Dent Ltd is arguably one of the best-known car dent repair specialists in the North West.  We are the “number one” car dent removal business and your first choice for car dent removers, conveniently based in Oldham we cover surrounding areas including the Manchester area.

Contact us today via our contacts page to find out if we can help with your body repairs and paintless dent repair needs!

We Also Do Trim Repairs

Is your plastic trim scuffed, worn or marked? Using the latest Bodyshop repair techniques we can restore trims and also repair minor damage such as holes, tears, burns, excessive wear and restore leather, velour and plastic to an exceptionally high standard without the need for costly replacements.